Sunday, November 11, 2012


Written & Directed By: Issa Lopez Story By: Ignacio Darnaude Cinematography By: Carlos Aguilera Editor: Jorge Garcia CAST: Daniela Schmidt, Diana Garcia, Maya Zapata, Patricia Llaca, Julio Brancho Four ambitious and beautiful young women. From four very different corners of Mexico. Just like hundreds of others, they are caught up in the frenzy that sweeps the nation when Alejandro Mateos (Julio Bracho), one of the country's most powerful producers, dreams up a nationwide talent search to cast the lead in his next big movie. But all this is news to Alejandro's on-again, off-again lover, Eva Gallardo (Patricia Llaca) , a diva of epic proportions, who expected to get the part. While Eva schemes to nail down the role, our four leads begin their own journey on the road to fame. I originally only watched this because I was captivated by Diana Garcia in the film SIN NOMBRE. Which she had a small role in. I found out she had a bigger supporting role in this film, After viewing it I found myself captivated by 2 more actresses in this film while also opening my horizons to watch more Mexican cinema. It was a Smash hit in mexico. The film is an ensemble piece. We get to know the girls, their back stories and their reasons for doing it. The film also shows the backstage drama, but more comedy of the aging actress who is being replaced and her on again-off again producer boyfriend. Who runs the whole operation. Though the film is a comedy, It touches on serious issues with a light touch. Racism, Sexism, Homosexuality, Class Warfare, Relationships and weight. While the whole cast is fun and great. Diana Garcia stands out as the most dramatic, serious and determined of the girls. Maya Zapata is beautiful and heartbreaking as the love struck cute girl who is a farmer by trade. She would be perfect in romantic comedies as the love interest or Best friend, But Daniela Schmidt steals the show as the sassy, Fashion conscious one. Who is just so beautiful and funny. Yet her storyline is filled with so much comedy and pain. She has the best scenes and I could see her as the biggest star from this film. While I really liked the film. The film and it’s and it’s comedy a lot of times came off as colorful but flat as well as the visuals. Though the film is over the top and has it’s moments. The film is fine as a rental or better yet if you can catch it on cable, but there is no real reason to go out of your way to see it. I believe I enjoyed the performers and performances rather than the material. GRADE: C

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