Wednesday, October 3, 2012


He is the perfect example of filmmaker as storyteller. When you watch his films. Though usually set in reality. They build their own worlds and reality. You are transported there in the dark into a new world. You are guided there but then are left and can get lost. While there you discover it and see that world in all if it’s uncanny beauty. He seems to seek to make each film, though in the fantasy genre. His own fairy tale. It might be extreme in some sense, but it’s for naturally and innocently. not maliciously. His private storybook that he chooses to share with the world. When it comes to the remakes he works on. He seems to choose tales or films that inspired him. Seeking to improve and present then to audiences. He also seeks I show why he loves them, bring out their beauty or show the images and emotions try inspired in his mind, thoughts and imagination. Also maybe fix what he saw as a flaw in their presentation. He wants the world to see how he dreams. Hopefully Inspiring them, while entertaining. Which is another thing he brings to moviemaking fun, though serious his films allow you to forget your problems and be taken away and guided through an adventure. Letting you feel like child again as you are free to be taken care of. For that I am greatful for him and his cinema.

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