Saturday, May 1, 2010


Directed & Cinematography By: Don Argott
Editor: Demian Fenton

This film has a good subject, but I just couldn’t stand the person at the center of it. Paul Green who is the main focus of the film. Some might call him misunderstood but personally I just think he’s a asshole. You can dress it up anyway you want but that is my opinion of him. Which affected my enjoyment of the film.

I understand kids can be frustrating and need discipline at times, but with him like ex president George W. Bush he cares only to listen to his own opinion which to him is law and refuses to listen to any other suggestions.

The film is somewhat saved by seeing the idea of rock school operating and how it affects the kids, There self –esteem and dreams the positive merits for them and seeing how talented and gifted they really are. How many will actually grow up to be rock stars or actually make a living playing music, Who knows? But I’m sure more then when the school started. The students can always look back at this documentary and school then remember how it helped and shaped them for the future, Plus how innocent they once were at least the ones not traumatized or haunted by Paul Green


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