Saturday, April 10, 2010

HUNGER (2009)

Cast: Michael Fassbender

Directed By: Steve McQueen
Written By: Steve McQueen & Edna Walsh
Cinematography By: Sean Bobbitt
Editor: Joe Walker

A powerful film.

The first 15 minutes of the film are nearly wordless but convey the toll. The guards must go through and deal with. It’s a haunting beautiful sequence which I can also say about the rest of the film.

The film begins stylishly though in a subdued way throwing you off guard by beginning on the prison guards. One in particular thinking we are going to follow him and his role in all of this. But it is just a peak of how we are going to at least show both sides in this drama of the prisoners and the guards but really this is the only time we see the drama involved in there side of the story.

Once we meet the prisoners it just is brutal the beatings, the cells, they’re protests. It can get disgusting especially the scenes introducing us and the new prisoner to the cells. This is a depressing movie and one. Not to definitely watch while eating.

Take the scene where bobby sands is talking to a priest as a warning sign after this point if you have made it this far now it gets brutal emotionally and physically. Though at this point most of the film has shown suffering on both sides

It’s a colorful film that only uses dark dull colors Michael Fassbender is excellent. Since he is a screen actor who is new to me. He disappears into his role making it seem more realistic.

Since it is based on a true story we know or can find out how it ends but you still stay riveted and amazed at how deep the characters believe in something that they will sacrifice there lives and health for what they believe.

The scene with the priest is a masterpiece as most the scene is done in one unitnterupted take no flashy distracting camera movements it stays put in a mid-shot and feels like a play but it is so full of emotion and faith that it almost feels like the priest is arguing with a suicide note. If that makes sense to you. It lasts 16 minutes.

The film is great and the directing debut of Steve McQueen not the deceased actor but a british acclaimed artist who happens to be African American. This is a skilled debut from film-maker I look forward to seeing more work by.

Especially since he made a film about a historical tragedy that I would think would be cut and dry to me. Yet he managed to bring me in and feel something and be amazed by what he was putting on his palace the movie screen in this instance.

Definitely a must see. It more then gains it’s reputation


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