Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Cast: Ray Winstone, Tom Wilkinson, Stephen Dilllane, Joanne Whalley, John Hurt, Ian McShane, Melvil Poupaud

Directed By: Malcom Venville
Written By: Louis Mellis & David Scinto
Cinematography By: Dan Linden
Editor: Rick Russell

This film is a major disappointment considering it is by the writers of the great SEXY BEAST. It is still a dark film set in the world or career criminals but left more ambiguous as to what they actually do. I think added with the fact that it’s directed by a first time director is what makes the equation of the is film disappointing.

The film plays more like a play that has the story at times go outside of the one room apartment. Only so the film won’t feel so claustrophobic. But otherwise it is set in the apartment. The story is about a man who finds out that his wife has been having a affair and is leaving him he gets depressed and his friends can’t stand to see him this way so they decide to kidnap the lothario. So there friend can get his revenge and kill him.

The all star cast clearly are enjoying themselves with there characters and there dialogue but like baseball. Watching this film doesn’t look as much fun as it must be acting in the film. Most of the film feels like a timewaster. By the end the film feels like it should have the Sub-Title MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING. At many times the story looks like it might get interesting and go a way you don’t expect only to drop that suggestion and keep on the path of mundaneness.

The actors maybe the reason why this film is disappointing also while they are interesting there characters come off as so vague you really don’t get to know them to know if you like them or should be enchanted by them. They seem more like sketches of characters. Like the actors were given only a few details and left to create the character. The actors are good and seem in there own element but deserve a better film to be in. Also for all the tough talk none of the actual dialogue is that memorable or interesting.

It’s nice to see Ray Winstone get more work and out there considering the first tine I really remember seeing him in a film was in Tim Roth’s THE WAR ZONE. He is a dependable actor who usually excels more then the material he is given. That is the case here as he seems to be the only clearly defined character and that’s because he’s the lead.

It’s worth seeing but It feels like a play put to film. It might have been more interesting if the film had gestated longer to mature itself and become rich because as it feels now it seems like a first draft instead of a finished one.


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