Saturday, June 25, 2016


Written & Directed By: Jordan Galland 
Cinematography By: Adrian Correia 
Editor: Jordan Galland & Daniel Hahn 
Music By: Sean Lennon 

Cast: Louisa Krause, Lou Taylor Pucci, Whitney Able, John Ventimiglia, Deborah Rush, Zachary Booth, Jemima Kirke, Carol Kane, Alysia Reiner, William Sadler, Dan Fogler, Annabelle Dexter-Jones

BAD NIGHT (2015)

Directed By: Chris Riedell & Nick Riedell 
Written By: Daniel Kinno 
Cinematography By: Nico Van Den Berg 
Editor: Ed Yonaitis 

Cast: Jenn McAllister, Lauren Elizabeth Luthringshausen, Owen Smith, Casey Wilson, Matt Walsh, June Diane Raphael, Jack McBrayer, Julianna Guill, Judy Marte, Molly Ringwald, Eric Edelstein, Adam Pally, Jim O’Heir, Eddie Peppitone, Dan Levy


Directed By: Antoine Bardou-Jacquet 
Written By: Dean Craig 
Cinematography By: Glenn Speeckaert 
Editor: Chris Gill & Amelie Massoutier, Bill Smedley 

Cast: Rupert Grint, Ron Perlman, Robert Sheehan, Stephen Campbell Moore, Kevin Bishop

Friday, June 24, 2016


In honor of the film and one of my favorite directors Brian DePalma I decided to list his films all of the ones I have seen in order of least favorite to favorite. As even in his so called bad films there are sequences, shots or just something about them that make them worth watching if only even for that glimpse of greatness of what could have been.

DE PALMA (2016)

Directed By: Noah Baumbach & Jake Paltrow 
Cinematography By: Jake Paltrow 
Edited By: Matt Mayer & Lauren Minnerath

 A documentary About Writer/Director Brian De Palma

Friday, June 3, 2016

THE TRUST (2016)

Directed By: Alex Brewer & Benjamin Brewer 
Written By: Benjamin Brewer & Adam Hirsch 
Cinematography By: Sean Porter 
Editor: Lauren Connelly 

Cast: Nicolas Cage, Elijah Wood, Ethan Suplee, Sky Ferreira, Kevin Weisman, Steven Williams, Jerry Lewis

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

THE DO-OVER (2016)

Directed By: Steven Brill 
Written By: Kevin Barentt & Chris Pappas 
Cinematography By: Dean Semler 
Editor: Tom Costain 

Cast: Adam Sandler, David Spade, Paula Patton, Kathryn Hahn, Catherine Bell, Nick Swardson, Renee Taylor, Matt Walsh, Sean Astin, Natasha Leggero, Luis Guzman, Torsten Voges, Michael Chicklis, Jonathan Loughran, Robert Smigel